Insulated wooden folding ladder (LWT) 22 x 47

485,00 $
The highly energy-efficient attic ladder LWT model is a super-thermo insulated unit recommended for projects which stress energy-saving, especially due to heat loss. The LWT is an ideal unit for creating a barrier between a cool attic and the heated space below
Manufacturer: Fakro
  • Max load: 300 lbs
  • Special 3 1/8” thick lid, the entire space is filled with insulating material (polystyrene), provides an excellent barrier reducing heat loss
  • New design ensures greater rigidity and stability of the ladder
  • When attic stairs door opens, side springs drop along with it allowing wider and more comfortable access to the attic (the widest entrance on the market)
  • As the ladder is being opened up the hinges  automatically adjust the ladder away from the
    door to create a space between the ladder and the door, allowing immediate use of the stairs without any adjustments
  • The door is well balanced it opens and closes easily (NO SUDDEN MOVEMENTS)
  • Paintable door surface to match finished ceiling
  • Red metal safety handrail included
  • Metal opening and closing rod included
  • One (2) year 100% warranty
  • Dimension: 22 x 47
  • Length 7'2¨- 8'11¨