Terms and Conditions

No addition to or modification of terms and conditions shall be binding on GAPGARAGE unless agreed to by GAPGARAGE in writing, and GAPGARAGE acceptance of any order shall not be construed as assent to any additional terms and conditions.




Prices are listed in Canadian currency. All applicable taxes extra. In the event of a pricing error, GAPGARAGE reserves the right to change the price without notice. We also reserve the right to change prices based on changing economic and manufacturing conditions.

Pricing quoted will remain valid for a period of 7 days. Freight rates quoted are to be considered If extra handling is required or extra-region, additional charges may apply.

Contact your GAPGARAGE sales representative for further information.



Sales Tax

GAPGARAGE is required to charge goods and services tax and applicable provincial sales tax on items for which a sales tax exemption.



Payment Terms

Purchases may be made through Visa®, MasterCard® or American Express® PayPal, Monetico Desjardins Check and Debit. All payments must be in Canadian dollars.